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2010-03-13 (Sat)
Don't be stuck-up (stuck up 傲慢、无礼、不理会人)
Don't flatter yourself so much.

terminal.terminally ill 致命疾病
I've had it.我受够了
I've heard enough.我知道了,你说的太多了
enough is engough!够了
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2010-01-24 (Sun)
Good lenses, bad frames


  Describing someone who gives a bad first impression but is actually a good person. Someone who doesn't appear to be competent, yet is extremely capable at what he/she does。


  例句:Dr. Bruce is a spaz, but he's one of the best doctors I know. You wouldn't know it by looking at him...good lenses, bad frames。

  Mid-day crisis


  When one is in a desperate need for a siesta because they become extremely tired in the afternoon and coffee isn't cutting it any longer。


  例句:After that wild night of drinking, I had the worst mid-day crisis ever。

  Clock Out With My Cock Out


  To "call it a day" at work so you can go party。

  下班之后去派对狂欢(clock out即打卡下班,也可以说punch out)

  例句:-Hey, dude, you coming to happy hour?

  -Hells yeah! It's time to clock out with my cock out!

  Nearsighted Date


  Asopposed to a blind date, where you have no idea what the other personlooks like, a nearsighted date is one where you've seen a photo orchatted via web before meeting in person。

  与blind date(事先一无所知的相亲)相对,指在相亲前看过对方的照片或者网聊过。

  This can often lead to disappointment if one person or the other has supplied misleading documentation。

  如果对方没有给你真实照片或提供了虚假信息,nearsighted date一样有见光死的可能。

  例句:That's the last nearsighted date I ever go on...her profile picture must have been 5 years, 3 hair colors and 2 kids ago。(这个见光死死得彻底啊……)

  Happy Late Year


  When people are still saying Happy New Year, even though it's already a week after the new year。

  年后一个星期,拜年的时候就不是new year了,是late year。

  例句:-Happy new year!!! whats up??

  -More like happy late year... it was new years 5 days ago。

  Work avalanche


  When there is so much work piled on your desk, movement from under it is nearly impossible。


  例句:Hey, pour me a drink! I worked up quite a thirst digging out from my work avalanche to get to happy hour。

  Postsantum depression


  The incredible letdown some folks experience when they realize Christmas is over

  (typical Monday after Christmas office discussion)


  例句:-Why is Michelle ragging it with me?

  -It's not just you, she's got a bad case of postsantum depression。

  Christmas tight


  The period of time after Christmas and New Years where the clothes you wore prior to the holidays that fit well, all of a sudden are a little tighter than they should be。


  例句:I got this new dress shirt for Christmas. I went to wear it with myfavorite work pants, but they are a little Christmas tight now。

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